Intimacy Coaching

“I was instantly comfortable with Savannah. She is open, present, smart and thoughtful. ”

Want to become an incredible lover?

Increase longevity and compatibility with any partner?

Is there a sexual issue you’d like to address in a non-judgmental space?

When you’re ready to go deeper…

Sex & Date Coaching

a body centered approach addressing your sexual or dating goals that is tons of fun and produces true shifts that last well beyond the length of our time together.

My unique training in Sex & Date Coaching, Sexology & Tantra Yoga enables you to experience foundational knowledge about sex and intimacy you can’t easily find elsewhere. I’d be honored to work with you.


What can we work on? 

  • ED
  • Dating Support & Profile Upgrades
  • Increase endurance
  • Learn to make her go wild
  • Reduce sexual or social anxiety
  • Erotic awakening for couples
  • Strengthen the sexual compatibility between you and your partner/s
  • Increase sexual vitality
  • Ignite passion in your partner using just your touch
  • Become less distracted and more connected in bed
  • Return to dating with impressive skills and confidence
  • Graciously navigate a changing body
  • Overcome unwanted effects of porn overuse
  • Clarify and communicate your sexual desires
  • Release sexual shame
  • Integrate the whole body: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually.
  • Receive sexy take home practices to use solo or with a partner
  • Have access to my support throughout the duration of our package time
  • Savor a fulfillment that ripples out into all areas of your life

and much more…

“Before our time together I would have laughed at the idea of meditation and ‘energy’ being in any way helpful. But I can’t ignore the results, and its led to a change in the way I’ve been experiencing and viewing intimacy (I’ve had some practice). Wouldn’t have been possible without the connection I felt with you just after 1 hour of what you exposed me too.”

~ A

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